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a network of Schools Learning and leveraging

timeless ideas.

ChildLight Schools are Charlotte Mason schools committed to growing in and cherishing an educational philosophy that enriches relationships and celebrates a child’s personhood.


What Does ChildLight Schools Offer Educators?

Time has shown that Charlotte Mason philosophy and its ideas of how to best educate children are continually validated by recent research and medical science. Our schools and educators find it a joy and privilege to grow in knowledge of Charlotte Mason and practice student-focused dignity in education.

Children are a profound mystery requiring a proven approach to help students explore the depths of who they are created to be. ChildLight Schools may be the community your school needs to grow and impact your students and families afresh and equip your teachers and administrators.


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We are a Convergence of Schools & Their Ideas

ChildLight Schools welcome all schools that desire to collaborate and move forward with a deeper understanding of how the Spirit of God can use Charlotte Mason ideas to beautify and strengthen their own school atmosphere.

Our desire is to grow healthy relationships among each other by openly sharing, adopting, and appreciating the uniqueness of all our schools.



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A Close Network of Educators Helping Each Other be Better

The essence of ChildLight is to create and nurture a supportive community of Charlotte Mason educators.

We believe that schooling should not be a factory that produces products to meet high-quality standards, but a science of relationships to educate and enable a child to best reflect the image of God within them. By dealing reverently and compassionately with students, teachers, and parents, we have the privilege to make His kingdom more visible on earth.

The reality of the educational journey requires that we humbly accept that we do not know everything about how to best nurture and inspire all these persons… we need each other.


Equip Teachers with Vital ideas

Most college-educated teachers have not been taught Charlotte Mason methods and ideas, despite a growing interest in and awareness of her philosophy.

ChildLight Schools provides a wide and deep range of workshops at its annual ChildLight Schools Conference in October. Additionally, new teachers are invited to attend Charlotte Mason training held prior to school openings in late summer.

connect with like-minded educators

Our two-day conferences include Charlotte Mason philosophy, deeper reflections, fresh ideas, Mason related practices, workshops, and a time of collaboration for teachers.

These conference gatherings have featured Susan Macaulay, Ranald Macaulay, Elaine Cooper, Jack Beckman, Eve Anderson, Vivian Herren and others who have lived out and immersed themselves in Mason thinking.

Find rest in today’s reality

ChildLight Schools desire to help each other remember the rest that our Savior promises is still possible in the fray, as we let ourselves create a habit of margin, work to maintain a reflective atmosphere, and listen to be encouraged by the persons who walk with us. The reality is that it is the Spirit who ultimately guides us all down the road to truth is the heartbeat for ChildLight. 

refresh Administrators with time away

In January of each year, all ChildLight Schools administrators (heads of school and other principals) gather for three days of sharing ideas, prayer, refreshment, and encouraging one another, normally at WinShape Retreat in Rome, GA. With this rejuvenation and support, relationships are strengthened, and hearts are lifted.

gain VALUABLE access to resourceS

ChildLight Schools provides all its teachers and staff with a Teacher Instructional Guide, a continually updated comprehensive manual that explains and illustrates the methods and practices that are presented in the six volumes of Charlotte Mason Philosophy. 

In addition, a resource portal is continually updated with all the materials, procedures, manuals, curriculum available to share with one another. These resources go beyond Mason practices to include other valuable school resources.  Schools can ask for support on any issue and find ready support from one another.


South City Community school

Our membership gives us the opportunity to gather with like-minded people. It is always a joy and an encouragement to contemplate Charlotte Mason ideas in theory and practice with others.

- Brandy Greiner // Co-Founder